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WTMAS Seminars and Camps in Sweden 2024



The seminar will cover the fundamental basics:
kihon and kata of Okinawa kobudo and very detailed principles and techniques of Bo-jutsu, Sai-jutsu, Tonfa-jutsu, Nunchaku-jutsu and Eiku-jutsu etc.


  • soke Leif Hermansson, 10 dan hanshi Okinawa karate and kobujutsu, Shihan in Mugairyu iaido and Hachimanryu battojutsu. Promoted in Okinawa by Okinawan masters and organizations.
  • renshi Petri Tabell, 6 dan Karate and Okinawa Kobujutsu. Promoted in Okinawa bu Okinawan master.Program:
    • Saturday: 12:00-14:00 & 15.30-17:00 Bo-, Sai and Tonfa-jutsu training for all.
      Gradings up to 4 kyu at 17.00.

    • Sunday: 10:00 - 13:00
      Training also with other tools/ weapons only for minimum of 3rd kyu.
      Gradings at 13:00



The seminar will cover the fundamental basics:
Suburi bokken kihon, Kumitachi and katas of Mugairyu iaido and Hachimanryu battojutsu with detailed principles and techniques of samurai swordmanship etc.


  • shihan Leif Hermansson, Promoted in Okinawa by Daisoke Hamamoto Hisao, the 14th grandmaster.
  • Kaiden Malin Eklöf Heinonen, 4 dan. Promoted in Okinawa by Daisoke Hamamoto Hisao.Program:
    • Saturday: 12:00-14:00 & 15.30-17:00 Suburi bokken and mugairyu 20 katas for all.
      Gradings up to 1st kyu at 17.00.

    • Sunday: 10:00 - 13:00
      Hachimanryu battojutsu, other Mugairyu kata, Toho and Kumitachi only for minimum of 1st kyu.
      Gradings at 13:00

For whom?

These are the seminars for everyone, both the beginners and the masters who like to learn more to be better in his or her own skills.
Professional teaching for small groups in nice and relax atmosphere!


Kaizenkai So Honbu Dojo Kaizenkan in Åkersberga, 30 km north of Stockholm, Sweden with address Hackstavägen 9, 184 32 Åkersberga

Training fees:

1290 SEK/130 euro both days or 990 SEK/100 euro one day.
Grading fee is not inch in seminar fee if you like to take a grading.


No later 2 weeks before the seminar to WTMAS.


There are possibilities to take a grading on the end of the seminar on both Saturday and Sunday, if you like.

To bring with you

Your weapons you like to train with. If you dont have some of the weapons, we will have some you can use

How to get there

By your own car, Taxi or lokal train Roslagsbanan from Östra Station (Subway) in Stockholm or bus from Danderyd Metro station.
Bring your own Gi/Hakama with you.

Where to stay?

At the dojo in your own sleeping bag for 100 SEK or 10 euro/night
or a nearby Best Western Hotel that is 300 meter from the dojo at Åkersberga shopping center.
We have a specialprice at the hotel with 25 % discount! Welcome!