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WTMAS AWARDS. Because of the Corona virus and the problems many dojos have since 2020, we have to make a break for the awards program.

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Congratulations to all!


To make a test is one way to control the level of the students qualifications, get him or her personal feedback from his or her training, gives an reasonable indication of the individuals ability to help him or her to understand why he or she are training and make the targets as a pedagogic method for the education in Martial Arts.
The ultimate aim of Bujutsu (Martial Arts) is to develop good human beings, mind, body and etiquette, and by the grading we can test the student´s level of build character, conquer human misery and correct mental attitude.
Sometimes we get a question to give a diploma to someone we never met!? We know that there are some organisations or "senseis" who give a diploma in all ranks and belts to anyone who ask for that and will pay some money for that.
We are sorry but we dont work like that. If you only need a nice diploma, or a new belt/rank please ask some other organisations. To get a diploma or ranks/titles you need to show us your karate, kobudo or jujitsu etc and also how you are like a human people and a nice guy. If you are asking for a instructor or master license you also have to show us how you are teaching.
When the student can make the test?
The gradings to black belt-, instructor- and master levels, can only makes in our seminars there the represent of the WTMAS can study the aspirant under the seminar and also make a test with him or her.

WTMAS will allowed only current members of WTMAS to make the test.


The aspirant to the new grade have to send his or her CV by e-mail to us at least one month before the date of the test and he or she also have to pay the graduating fees to WTMAS before the test.

What the student have to show up on the grading test?

Because there are so many styles of karate and jujutsu etc it is not necessary for you to train our style. You can show us your style and we will make a grading test there you will show us what do you need to do in your style for your next grade.
If possible your sensei can also take a place in our international grading commité during your grading test.
If you are the sensei in your own style you have to explain to us what kind of martial arts you are training and what is important in your style.
If you will study our style of karate, kobudo or iaido and will make a grading test you need to study our grading sullabys below.

The grades and fees for children (Junior) under 13 years old in karate. In kobudo and iaido there are no any children grades: