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WTMAS - Seminars and camps

We will teach Martial Arts on international seminars after invitation from different Martial Arts organisations and dojo leaders worldwide. We also arrange trip to Japan and Okinawa for training with high level masters. Several times a year we will arrange open international seminars and camps at our so-honbu Kaizenkan in Åkersberga, north of Stockholm in Sweden.
There are also opportunity on our seminars to make a grading test from the beginner to the black belts and get an international certification and diploma for your knowledge in Martial Arts up to highest instructor- and master levels.
If you like invite us to teach at your seminar or dojo, please don´t hesitate to take contact with us.
We will love to come to your place and teach you and your students karate, Okinawa kobudo, aiki - jujitsu or iaido & battojutsu.
For kobudo training every students need a Bo or a broomhandle and maybe Sai or Tonfa or other weapons you like to train with. For training in iaido and battojutsu you need a bokken and also an iaito or bokken with saya.
If you like to invite us to your dojo or seminar to teach, you need to pay our airtickets and other transports, travel to and from the airports, hotel and food etc.
The way it normally works is that we fly out on Friday. Teach a small private calls or instructors for a couple of hours on Friday evening. Teach an open seminar all day Saturday. Teach Sunday morning / early afternoon. Fly home Sunday later afternoon / evening or next day.
As regards accommodation, all we need is a blanket and something soft to lie on. I regularly sleep on people sofas and, if it's not an inconvenience, I prefer to stay at people's homes because I make lots of friends that way! So no need for a hotel; unless that is what works best for you.
How to become a member you will see under "information".

List of confirmed Seminars and camps in Sweden 2024: