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WTMAS - The Society for Traditional Martial Arts from Okinawa

We are an international organisation for Promotion and Preservation of Traditional Martial Arts from Okinawa and Japan.
We do this by teaching Martial Arts on international seminars worldwide,
and by making opportunities for our members to train Martial Arts with high level masters in Okinawa and on the seminars in other countries.
There are also oppurtunity on our seminars to make a grading test from the beginner to the black belts
and get an international certification and diploma for your knowledge in Martial Arts up to highest instructor and master levels, signed by our Special advisors.

Special advisors at the Executive committé

Hamamoto Hisao

Japan ⛩ Grandmaster (Soshu) Hisao Hamamoto DaiRyu
Head Master of Koden HachimanRyu Jissen BattoJutsu and Okinawa Mugai ryu Mushokai iaido, Okinawa, Japan

In Memory of Inoue Motokatsu 1918-1993

Japan ⛩ 10 dan hanshi, Yuishinkan karate, Ryukyu Kobujutsu, O- sensei and founder of Yuishinkai Bujutsu,
Honorary president in WTMAS, Japan

Nakamoto Masahiro

Japan ⛩ 10 dan hanshi Kobayashi Shorinryu karate, 10 dan hanshi Okinawa Kobudo, Bunbukan dojo, Okinawa

Akamine Hiroshi

Japan ⛩ 9 dan hanshi, Okinawa Shorinryu Mukenkai karate and Ryukyu Kobudo Shinbukan, Shinbukan dojo, Okinawa

Hokama Tetsuhiro

Japan ⛩ 10 dan hanshi, Gojuryu karate, Matayoshi kobudo, Ph.D. karate,
Vice president in WTMAS, president of IKO, Kenshikai dojo, Okinawa

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